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Little Mr 411…

on May 27, 2012

Our first family photo!

SO the story behind the name of our blog isn’t really all that creative.. this is when my son was born.. that’s all.. but I guess the real story would be that of his birth… or more the story of how we got there…

SO I was born at home with a midwife many moons ago, which is how  I had always planned to bring my child into this world in the comfort of my own home with a woman who had not had her hands tied behind her back because of the possibility of lawsuits and other bureaucracy… Well as the pregnancy progressed I came to realize that I would not be able to afford the one midwife that was available in our area.. I qualify for state healthcare and she didn’t take that and I started thinking about whether I wanted to birth my son at home or if I wanted to save up and be home with him after he was born and not have to go straight back to work… I eventually choose to go with the hospital birth.. after this decision I started learning how to have a “natural” hospital birth… I talked with many different woman and came up with a great birth plan found a Doula and some Birth Classes.. now I was very behind with all this I was two weeks away from my due date when I found both the classes and Doula and the classes I couldn’t schedule till the week before.. I was about to make a discion on my Doula when I learned that my son was breech and that his fluid was lowish.. so we waited for the next apionment the next week before making a dicision on our Doula.. all that week we tried turning the little boy… when the next appionment came we had another ultra sound and found out that he was still breech and his fluid had gone down 5oz giving him only 1oz of fluid.. later that day we got a call from the dr’s office informing us to be at the hospital at four that afternoon for a sesarean… needless to say this was not something we were ok with.. I had read all about c-sections and I knew I NEVER wanted to have one.. so we went to the hospital and met with the dr on call (mine was out of town) I refused to sign any addmintance forms or anything because I did not want to go through with this.. we met with the dr and learned how dangours 1oz of fuid was for the baby and how even if he wasn’t breech it would still have been a hard birth, but beings as he was still breech and now had no fluid to move in he was most likely going to stay that way and all the dr’s and midwifes in our area delivered breech babies surgicly… we asked many questions (most of which I don’t remember and didn’t ask I was still in shock, but thankfully I am blessed with a man who loves both me and our son and agrees with living as natrual a life as we can.. he listen to alllllllll my going on and on about what I wanted my birth like and did his best to make it happen) with all our questions answered we decided to wait overnight and give the man time to turn if he wanted to and give me time to go into labor naturally if that was what was meant to happen, but if not we would go into surgery the next morning at seven o’clock… That night I did my best to make peace with the facts: I had done the best I could for my son and it wasn’t my fault that I couldn’t bring hime into this world without help.. That this was all part of a perfect plan that I didn’t understand, but still belive in.. and that this was the best for our son… so the next morning at 7:54 our son was born…


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