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The Adventures of Breastfeeding… if you’ve ever had the joy of going to dinner with a growing set of wet eyes on your dress, if more people have seen your breast now then any spring break wet t-shirt contests, and if you dread the day your child gets teeth.. you will appreciate our adventures! I’m a huge advocate for breastfeeding! I was breastfed until I was two years old and have every intention of continuing that tradition… especially after not being able to have a natural birth this was my last great stand! Thankfully I’m stubborn because breastfeeding is not easy and anyone who tells you it is, they’re LYING to you! Its hard, but most defiantly worth it! Baby boy with his arms around your breast blocking so you can’t detach him his priceless! Not to mention that you have a great excuse to cuddle your baby and bond with him in  a way no one else can, its great!

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Baby Food! There are many choices and even more advice people will give you on what to feed your child when to start and anything else you can think of.. most of its bogus… baby’s don’t need solid food for quite sometime… after six months is just fine! and who’s the brains behind starting them with cereal? When they get older (say thirty) they’ll have to give them up anyways… and then on to fruit? no wonder kids spit the veggies back at you! (now these are not soley my ideas ( gave me alot of insight and she was right how many people are alergic to veggies?? So my goal is to start canning my own baby food soon to get a head start on it… I plan to buy the ‘organic’ basket from Bountiful Baskets and can everything in it… if I do this every other week till he starts eating and after I should have a pretty good start… it would cost me $50 a month and I think I would get quite a bit of organic baby food out of it!… more to come about the baby canning adventures..

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Rollin…Rollin…Rollin… Get That Baby Rollin

The little man has now started to roll over, he hasn’t quite mastered the art of getting hi other arm out from under him once he rolls onto it, but I have no doubt that before long he will! sometimes I help either by moving his arm for him or by putting my hand at his feet so he can push him self up and pull the arm out.. once he does that he then starts to work on holding his head up, I think it won’t be long before he’ll be scooting with his head up! He a little man that’s going somewhere… he’s always on the move and that’s saying something since he isn’t actually mobile 🙂 It takes a wee bit of littlemanhandling to get him to hold still and nurse… I can hardly imagine what it will take when he can move on his own…


Daddy Gets a New Car!!!

SO we just found out that Daddy got  approved to lease a new Honda CRV!!! We are all very happy! We’ve never had a “new” car! I think this totally helps make up for the broken down car that has kept him from getting to come home for a week plus! and for this craZy fire heatwave, plus it makes my aching, throbbing teeth, that might need root canals, feel better too 🙂 We get to see it tomorrow and ride in it, plus the Daddy that’s going to drive it home! Right now I think they’re both tied for first on which one we’re more excited to see Daddy or the CRV, it looks like Daddy’s pulling forward slowly in the polls (it has been a week!)… So exciting!!

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To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate…

First off the argument that he can’t go to public school without having all of his Immunizations is null-in-void nowadays you just have to sign what Aviva Jill Romm calls the “Bad Mommy Papers” which says that you are at fault if something happens to your child as a result of not being vaccinated… but no one else has to sign for responsibility if something happens as a result of getting the Vaccines??? Some of the basics I agree with the ones that have been around long enough to have been followed from infancy through to old age death… but all these new ones that we haven’t been able to follow that far because the first kids to get them are still kids! Those ones I’m not too sure about! They even have a shot against Chicken Pocks nowadays, Now maybe I’m just old school, but I got the pocks and it was ok?? but now that we have a vaccine against them I almost have to give it to my son because he is way less likely to come across it till he gets older, which is when it can have much more problems?? I think that man has just interfered with Gods creation too much.. yes I do believe that he gave us the knowledge to create these vaccines, but he also gave us very strong immune systems.. butwe have to allow them to develop, not just pump disease through our systems in order to prevent them… I don’t know I see some good points and just as many bad ones?????


What the Government Suggests for Shots…


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An Ode To Daddy Dude…

Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, We love you so… We love how you make us smile how you hold us with so much support.. We love your beard, we love to pull it in times of joy and anger or when we just want to play! Oh how funny your faces are when there’s a diaper to be changed or where cloth diapers are concerned.. Happy Fathers Day… I hope we make your life that much more precious by the love we have for you!

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Shots SUCK!!!

So yeah I’ve heard all the pros of getting your kid immunized, but in the end something that makes your son unhappy and has the potential of a 101 fever is not something I like!!!! We got the DTaP/IPV/Hib Shots yesterday {Nana said he did great, Mama didn’t get to be there I was going through my own form of torture getting an IUD put in} and we still have to decide whether or not he’s going to get the PCV and RV Vacines! How much crap that we willingly put into our children is too much??? I just don’t know! The Little Dude is doing great though! He’s quite the little soldier! I just have to figure out the next year of shots and which ones he’s going to get.. I would love anyones views on this { but please give me more then ‘its the greatest thing in medicine’ I’ve heard that one enough!}

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10lbs 8oz…

Little Dude got weighted today!! He’s 4lbs heavier than he was when he was born!! He’s finally growing out of the newborn diapers! He’s doing great; sleeping at least 4-5 hrs each night 🙂 and eating all the time!

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Two Months…

Happy Two Month Birthday Little Dude! We love you soooooo much!!!!! In the last two months you’ve learned to roll from your back to your side ( not quite all the way over because you can’t get your arm out of the way yet, but close), you’ve started teething (evident by all the drool), you’ve gotten way bigger! your eyes have picked a color; hazel (steel grey, or other names, since they are like mine and grandpas and they change color based on mood or what you’re wearing) you’ve learned to scoot (almost right out of mamas hands more then once!) you also smile and are on the verge of laughing! Its been an eventful two months and I loved every minute of it!! Mama Loves You!!!


Mirror… Mirror…

Today Si found his reflection!

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