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Give Me Some Sugar…

on June 4, 2012

I’m hypoglycemic (basically the opposite of diabetic with alot of the same problems) and no matter how hard I try to keep my sugar levels right every once in awhile it all goes haywire… I had this happen this weekend.. between trying to plan a six year old birthday party and take care of my baby boy, two weddings, helping with Bountiful Baskets and one walk downtown all in the span of twenty four hours made for a drop in my levels that could be equaled to a diabetic coma (not fun) one of the worst parts was that I couldn’t take care of my baby, he was hungry but I couldn’t feed him.. when I feed him it take sugars and the such from my body and at the time I had nothing left to give… Thankfully I pump and freeze my milk so we could feed him… I had originally pumped in order to go out on a date with my man (and have a glass of wine) but turned out the little man only drank one so I had a bunch more left thankfully! I share this because I’m sure many other moms are like me and don’t think to pump unless we are going to go out and they’re staying with Nana or for some to help bring in they’re milk.. but there’s another reason to pump some every once in awhile and throw it in the freezer, you never know whats going to happen… Food Poisoning (what Nana thought I had), Low Sugar ( what I did have) or any other aliment that may take you and the boobies out of work, its comforting to know that daddy can feed him the good stuff when you can’t…


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