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Two Months…

on June 11, 2012

Happy Two Month Birthday Little Dude! We love you soooooo much!!!!! In the last two months you’ve learned to roll from your back to your side ( not quite all the way over because you can’t get your arm out of the way yet, but close), you’ve started teething (evident by all the drool), you’ve gotten way bigger! your eyes have picked a color; hazel (steel grey, or other names, since they are like mine and grandpas and they change color based on mood or what you’re wearing) you’ve learned to scoot (almost right out of mamas hands more then once!) you also smile and are on the verge of laughing! Its been an eventful two months and I loved every minute of it!! Mama Loves You!!!


2 responses to “Two Months…

  1. LIsa says:

    He’s already teething??!!

  2. littlemr411 says:

    Yeah I know its crazy! He drools ALOT 🙂 but he’s handling it quite well!

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