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Shots SUCK!!!

on June 20, 2012

So yeah I’ve heard all the pros of getting your kid immunized, but in the end something that makes your son unhappy and has the potential of a 101 fever is not something I like!!!! We got the DTaP/IPV/Hib Shots yesterday {Nana said he did great, Mama didn’t get to be there I was going through my own form of torture getting an IUD put in} and we still have to decide whether or not he’s going to get the PCV and RV Vacines! How much crap that we willingly put into our children is too much??? I just don’t know! The Little Dude is doing great though! He’s quite the little soldier! I just have to figure out the next year of shots and which ones he’s going to get.. I would love anyones views on this { but please give me more then ‘its the greatest thing in medicine’ I’ve heard that one enough!}


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