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To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate…

on June 20, 2012

First off the argument that he can’t go to public school without having all of his Immunizations is null-in-void nowadays you just have to sign what Aviva Jill Romm calls the “Bad Mommy Papers” which says that you are at fault if something happens to your child as a result of not being vaccinated… but no one else has to sign for responsibility if something happens as a result of getting the Vaccines??? Some of the basics I agree with the ones that have been around long enough to have been followed from infancy through to old age death… but all these new ones that we haven’t been able to follow that far because the first kids to get them are still kids! Those ones I’m not too sure about! They even have a shot against Chicken Pocks nowadays, Now maybe I’m just old school, but I got the pocks and it was ok?? but now that we have a vaccine against them I almost have to give it to my son because he is way less likely to come across it till he gets older, which is when it can have much more problems?? I think that man has just interfered with Gods creation too much.. yes I do believe that he gave us the knowledge to create these vaccines, but he also gave us very strong immune systems.. butwe have to allow them to develop, not just pump disease through our systems in order to prevent them… I don’t know I see some good points and just as many bad ones?????


What the Government Suggests for Shots…



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