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on June 28, 2012

Baby Food! There are many choices and even more advice people will give you on what to feed your child when to start and anything else you can think of.. most of its bogus… baby’s don’t need solid food for quite sometime… after six months is just fine! and who’s the brains behind starting them with cereal? When they get older (say thirty) they’ll have to give them up anyways… and then on to fruit? no wonder kids spit the veggies back at you! (now these are not soley my ideas ( gave me alot of insight and she was right how many people are alergic to veggies?? So my goal is to start canning my own baby food soon to get a head start on it… I plan to buy the ‘organic’ basket from Bountiful Baskets and can everything in it… if I do this every other week till he starts eating and after I should have a pretty good start… it would cost me $50 a month and I think I would get quite a bit of organic baby food out of it!… more to come about the baby canning adventures..


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