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on August 23, 2012

SO as you can probably tell from the radio silence summers are busy around here! The Little Dude is now four months old! He has three teeth pushing through one of which is towards the back of his mouth (not fun!)… He’s still working on the rolling over thing, I expected him to have figured it out by now being as he started almost from the beginning turning on his side… but still he can’t seem to get his little arm out from under him.. He has started trying to sit up more and is now more actively playing with his toys… I got him a toy like the Sofia Girraffe it looks like a mushroom with a loop on its head, its very soft and squeaks he seems to like it alot its made out of natural rubber and all natural paint.. He also just got an organic cotton Pear rattle that is a big hit.. Though his favorite things of all are just plain old blankets 🙂 he like rubbing them on his face and bunching them in his hands! He’s getting so big! He’s up to 15 lbs! The cloth diapering has been going wonderfully!!! I love our G Diapers!!! They’re so easy and very cute!! and then we have our homemade flip style covers with the bicycles that we use out of the house.. We just got a new all in one Ava diaper that has matching biyclces 🙂 and we got some cloth wipes that we are going to start using when we’re on the go, which is alot! We are wedding photographers and that keeps us on the go alot especially in the summer time.. We are prime examples that you can cloth diaper on the go!! We also just bought two wet bags one for diapers and the other for the wipes.. The wipe solution that works the best for us is one I got off of Zanny Zebras which has soap, oil, water, tea tree and lavender.. I don’t always use the tea tree and I make a smaller amount for the diaper bag.. I also use the same mix for homemade disposable wipes for home use, they’re great!!! I mix 1/4 cup water with 1/4 tbs apricot oil, Dr Branors baby soap, one drop tea tree oil, and three drops lavender!


3 responses to “Summer…!

  1. Lindsey H says:

    What is a bicycle? What is a G diaper?

    • littlemr411 says:

      I made cloth diaper covers that are like a brand called “Flip” and they have Bicycles on them.. They go over the traditional cloth diaper to make the water proof so they don’t leak. A G Diaper is the most amazing cloth diaper I’ve ever used or seen used. They are a cloth cover with a plastic snap in liner that holds a cloth insert.. This makes it so you only have to change the insert every time instead of washing the whole diaper.. They save a lot of laundry!!! and money!! Have you thought about cloth diapering??

      • Lindsey H says:

        I have! Im just not really sure where to start or what i’ll need. Odin is growing so fast and is already 20 pounds, so he is in size 5 diapers lol.

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