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I Want To Wear My Bicycle…

So I know I”m a little behind on the posting, but I have good reason, I just finished my fourth hand-made G style Flip Diaper Cover. I’m super excited to have them done next I’m going to make a wet bag and changing pad to match 🙂 I also ordered some G diapers. So Now I have six G diapers with twelve inserts and four Flip covers with a whole bunch of prefolds 🙂

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I’m Mama Enough Are YOU???

SO I know I may be a little behind the ball on this article being as TIME released this cover back in May, but lets face it folks I had some more important things going on 🙂 Anyways this Cover in conjunction with the campaign of the fair-child mom2mom support group about breastfeeding awareness all just came under my radar and have me more than a little interested! I’m blessed to live in an area that most people keep to themselves and most likely aren’t going to take you on about feeding your kid in public, that being stated its still hard, because you don’t want to offend any narrow minded people, but you also want to do what’s best for your child while living a life of your own! I am a practicing supporter of Attachment Parenting.. I can’t say that I sat down one day and made a conscious decision to parent this way, it just sort of happened.. I know that this is most likely going to be my one and only child and I want to enjoy every minute of his life.. I started off from day one thinking that I want to hold my son close and cuddle him as much as I can because in a blink of an eye he’ll be grown and these years will just be memories captured in pictures.. as time went on I learned to listen to my son.. I learned that he slept through the night when I slept next to him.. that he didn’t cry and slept peacefully while I worked when I wore him instead of pushing away in a stroller… and the breastfeeding was a given before I even started.. I was breastfed till I was two and my mom is one of my best friends I know she will always be there to love and support me and I have never doubted that! I’m hoping that my relationship with my son can be as close! I also cloth diaper, which at times is a little harder (when you’re on your third outfit together because he just keeps peeing trough everything), but it also makes diapering fun! I make my son’s diapers using fun colorful fabric, old T-shirts, and other fun things.. and I smile and enjoy picking out what diaper he’s going to wear next.. it brings some fun and color to a poopy mess 🙂 all these little things are things that I think benefit both myself and my son! So I have a goal for myself and I challenge other Mama’s like me to do this too.. Let’s show our Sons and Daughters that they are more important to us then the way society views us! and the next time they’re hungry and we’re out living our lives lets feed them then and there! and not go off to sit in the car or bathroom or any other place that’s out of ‘their’ way, lets love our kids enough to feed them in public!

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Cloth Diapers…

Its funny to watch peoples faces when you tell them that you are planning on using cloth diapers.. Some of my friends are hardcore “greenies” so they totally agree and think we are great for doing this, then you have those who are terrified by the thought of having to even touch a disposable one long enough to take it to the trashcan let alone clean one and use it again! Then the most real ones of all; the fellow mamas who’s child, did or still do, wear cloth diapers. I love talking to them, they always have great stories and good supportive advice! After talking to many such mamas I decided to wait till the first month or so where up before starting cloth diapering (that and the little Dude is too small to fit in all the diapers I have) now that I have an almost two month I do greatly understand the beauty of disposable for the connivance of it all, however I’m hoping I can live up to the challenge of cloth diapering due to the fact that I truly believe they are better for my son! This adventure is sure to produce many many funny storied to come…


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