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Daddy Gets a New Car!!!

SO we just found out that Daddy got  approved to lease a new Honda CRV!!! We are all very happy! We’ve never had a “new” car! I think this totally helps make up for the broken down car that has kept him from getting to come home for a week plus! and for this craZy fire heatwave, plus it makes my aching, throbbing teeth, that might need root canals, feel better too 🙂 We get to see it tomorrow and ride in it, plus the Daddy that’s going to drive it home! Right now I think they’re both tied for first on which one we’re more excited to see Daddy or the CRV, it looks like Daddy’s pulling forward slowly in the polls (it has been a week!)… So exciting!!

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An Ode To Daddy Dude…

Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, We love you so… We love how you make us smile how you hold us with so much support.. We love your beard, we love to pull it in times of joy and anger or when we just want to play! Oh how funny your faces are when there’s a diaper to be changed or where cloth diapers are concerned.. Happy Fathers Day… I hope we make your life that much more precious by the love we have for you!

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Nana, Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles, and People Who Love Us!..

Aunt Abi

This is to all of our family, blood relations and the ones we love too much to not call them family! WE LOVE YOU and want to say THANKS for all the help and love you give us! We couldn’t do this without you! Our Little Fiery Redhead’s mama told me something when we first were getting to know each other and I was telling her that I never wanted to overstep or her to feel I was trying to take over, thats not my style; she said (this is not word for word cause my memory not so good!) all that matters was that her daughter got as much love as she could and the more people in her life to give her love the better! I took this thought to heart and couldn’t agree more! Its hard to share sometimes ( you have kids and you have to relearn your kindergarten all over again) but I remind myself that the more people we let into the little mans life the more people he has to love him! SO you all are a big part of why I write this blog so you all can follow along on all our crazy adventures! WE LOVE YOU ALL!

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