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Rollin…Rollin…Rollin… Get That Baby Rollin

The little man has now started to roll over, he hasn’t quite mastered the art of getting hi other arm out from under him once he rolls onto it, but I have no doubt that before long he will! sometimes I help either by moving his arm for him or by putting my hand at his feet so he can push him self up and pull the arm out.. once he does that he then starts to work on holding his head up, I think it won’t be long before he’ll be scooting with his head up! He a little man that’s going somewhere… he’s always on the move and that’s saying something since he isn’t actually mobile 🙂 It takes a wee bit of littlemanhandling to get him to hold still and nurse… I can hardly imagine what it will take when he can move on his own…


Mirror… Mirror…

Today Si found his reflection!

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