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An Ode To Daddy Dude…

Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, We love you so… We love how you make us smile how you hold us with so much support.. We love your beard, we love to pull it in times of joy and anger or when we just want to play! Oh how funny your faces are when there’s a diaper to be changed or where cloth diapers are concerned.. Happy Fathers Day… I hope we make your life that much more precious by the love we have for you!

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Shots SUCK!!!

So yeah I’ve heard all the pros of getting your kid immunized, but in the end something that makes your son unhappy and has the potential of a 101 fever is not something I like!!!! We got the DTaP/IPV/Hib Shots yesterday {Nana said he did great, Mama didn’t get to be there I was going through my own form of torture getting an IUD put in} and we still have to decide whether or not he’s going to get the PCV and RV Vacines! How much crap that we willingly put into our children is too much??? I just don’t know! The Little Dude is doing great though! He’s quite the little soldier! I just have to figure out the next year of shots and which ones he’s going to get.. I would love anyones views on this { but please give me more then ‘its the greatest thing in medicine’ I’ve heard that one enough!}

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10lbs 8oz…

Little Dude got weighted today!! He’s 4lbs heavier than he was when he was born!! He’s finally growing out of the newborn diapers! He’s doing great; sleeping at least 4-5 hrs each night 🙂 and eating all the time!

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Two Months…

Happy Two Month Birthday Little Dude! We love you soooooo much!!!!! In the last two months you’ve learned to roll from your back to your side ( not quite all the way over because you can’t get your arm out of the way yet, but close), you’ve started teething (evident by all the drool), you’ve gotten way bigger! your eyes have picked a color; hazel (steel grey, or other names, since they are like mine and grandpas and they change color based on mood or what you’re wearing) you’ve learned to scoot (almost right out of mamas hands more then once!) you also smile and are on the verge of laughing! Its been an eventful two months and I loved every minute of it!! Mama Loves You!!!


Mirror… Mirror…

Today Si found his reflection!

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Cloth Diapers…

Its funny to watch peoples faces when you tell them that you are planning on using cloth diapers.. Some of my friends are hardcore “greenies” so they totally agree and think we are great for doing this, then you have those who are terrified by the thought of having to even touch a disposable one long enough to take it to the trashcan let alone clean one and use it again! Then the most real ones of all; the fellow mamas who’s child, did or still do, wear cloth diapers. I love talking to them, they always have great stories and good supportive advice! After talking to many such mamas I decided to wait till the first month or so where up before starting cloth diapering (that and the little Dude is too small to fit in all the diapers I have) now that I have an almost two month I do greatly understand the beauty of disposable for the connivance of it all, however I’m hoping I can live up to the challenge of cloth diapering due to the fact that I truly believe they are better for my son! This adventure is sure to produce many many funny storied to come…


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Nana, Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles, and People Who Love Us!..

Aunt Abi

This is to all of our family, blood relations and the ones we love too much to not call them family! WE LOVE YOU and want to say THANKS for all the help and love you give us! We couldn’t do this without you! Our Little Fiery Redhead’s mama told me something when we first were getting to know each other and I was telling her that I never wanted to overstep or her to feel I was trying to take over, thats not my style; she said (this is not word for word cause my memory not so good!) all that matters was that her daughter got as much love as she could and the more people in her life to give her love the better! I took this thought to heart and couldn’t agree more! Its hard to share sometimes ( you have kids and you have to relearn your kindergarten all over again) but I remind myself that the more people we let into the little mans life the more people he has to love him! SO you all are a big part of why I write this blog so you all can follow along on all our crazy adventures! WE LOVE YOU ALL!

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There are what 50,000 differant bottles out there… hows a Mama to choose??? Right now we are using ‘thinkbaby’ bottles and they seem to be working well… If you are a breastfeeding mama like myself you’re probably aprehensive about giving you little one a bottle… Si’s had three of them and I’m still apprehensive! I don’t know if its the right thing to do or not… all I know is he’s had bottles and so far has no problem still wanting to be breastfed… we gave him his first one after he was a month old, his next one at seven weeks and he just finished one 20 mins ago… In my mind this falls under my thought that if it helps me be able to breastfeed him longer then its worth it! I love breast feeding, but sometimes you just can’t or you need a break and I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with that, now I do make sure that if I don’t feed him I pump that way I still produce plus it replenishes my supply… I’m lucky though I produce a lot of milk, I started leaking colostrum around six months pregnant and I’ve had no problem producing, though I do have to use a plastic nipple sheild from because my nipples don’t stick out enough but it works and I think it helps with the whole bottle thing cause he’s getting plastic either way…?

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Baskets of Bounty… is a project that brings yummy fruits and veggies to all areas for prices you can afford! The idea behind it is everyone puts money in and they buy the best valued fruits and veggies that week and distribute them into baskets by way of volunteers.. they have all sorts of stuff… they have the basic basket (which is actually two baskets, one fruit and one veggie) an organic basket, veggie packs ( themed veggies: mexican, asian, italian, ect), bread, granola, olive oil, and much more, its different every week… go to the website and check it out for your self they also have facebook pages which have lots of pictures showing different baskets… if there’s not one in your area look into starting one! Yummy yummy fruits and veggies!!

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Give Me Some Sugar…

I’m hypoglycemic (basically the opposite of diabetic with alot of the same problems) and no matter how hard I try to keep my sugar levels right every once in awhile it all goes haywire… I had this happen this weekend.. between trying to plan a six year old birthday party and take care of my baby boy, two weddings, helping with Bountiful Baskets and one walk downtown all in the span of twenty four hours made for a drop in my levels that could be equaled to a diabetic coma (not fun) one of the worst parts was that I couldn’t take care of my baby, he was hungry but I couldn’t feed him.. when I feed him it take sugars and the such from my body and at the time I had nothing left to give… Thankfully I pump and freeze my milk so we could feed him… I had originally pumped in order to go out on a date with my man (and have a glass of wine) but turned out the little man only drank one so I had a bunch more left thankfully! I share this because I’m sure many other moms are like me and don’t think to pump unless we are going to go out and they’re staying with Nana or for some to help bring in they’re milk.. but there’s another reason to pump some every once in awhile and throw it in the freezer, you never know whats going to happen… Food Poisoning (what Nana thought I had), Low Sugar ( what I did have) or any other aliment that may take you and the boobies out of work, its comforting to know that daddy can feed him the good stuff when you can’t…

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